Settled in Talkeetna

We did our grocery shopping at Fred Meyer's and then headed for Talkeetna. We checked in with Hudson air and hauled all of our gear to their up-stairs RMI-only storage area and made our way to the Talkeetna Hostel to drop off the rest of our stuff. Finally, we had lunch/dinner at the West Rib, and that's it for today. The locals are continuously amazing. And the liquor store charges nearly as much as I pay in Manhattan. Crazy.

Tomorrow we'll probably do a little bit of gear-check stuff, then we'll do the Orientation thing with the Talkeetna Park folks, then spend several more hours finishing up our gear-check stuff. It'll be a pretty easy day, really ... although it's a lot of work sorting through everything and getting it all packed correctly. Especially the food.

The next morning we should be pushing off to base camp....

Stay tuned.

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