Update 1

So Curtis called me 2 days ago to update this blog and I'm finally doing it today :). But I promise to do it as soon as he calls in the future! I'll be in big trouble when he gets back if I don't.

Anyway so here's what he said: One of the guys he went with jokingly asked one of the pilots/staff if they could leave that day (instead of the next day when they were scheduled) and the pilot said sure, so they got to fly a day early to base camp. But he said that they're not going to be ahead of schedule because of it.

Also, when he called, the Hudson Air people were loading their bags and such onto the plane and Curtis mentioned that he hopped the weight limit was over looked cause they were all carrying 135 lbs when they weren't supposed to bring more than 125 lbs! But turns out the little plane (that) could handle it because he called yesterday from camp one (I think). I didn't get any sort of update though, the satellite phone cut out in the middle of our conversation.

That is all.

Oh, my cat is getting spayed tomorrow :) I'll let you know how that goes.

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