FindMeSpot Locator Alert!

Apparently we're still alive:

  Location: 62.9681, -151.1698
  Timestamp: 05/14/2009 12:28:25 (US/Eastern)
  Map: Google Maps

Closest point of interest:

  Description: Mt. McKinley - Base Camp
  Location: 62.96809, -151.17101
  Distance: 0.08 miles


  1. Hey Aimee,
    This is Corey Fitzgerald (Curtis' climbing partner). Brett and I have decended and are now in Anchorage at a fellow climbers house. We descended from 14,200 ft to base camp in one long push. We slept at base camp and were the first to fly off the glacier on the morning of the 14th. After trying to persuade Curtis into joining us, He made the decision to stay on the mountain and wait out the high winds at Camp 4 (14,200 ft.). We left him the tent, stove , pot and a ton of food. He has no doubt been waiting out high winds for the past few days in the snow cave that he moved into. With any luck he will push to camp 5 (17,200 ft) and on to the summit within the next two weeks. We hope him good weather and a safe climb! Please update the blog accordingly. Thanks!

  2. Ha ha. "Next couple of weeks." Ended up being five days to the summit and down. :-)