Update 5

I missed Curtis' call on the 10th but he left a message (he hadn't called for several days).

Here's the update: They made it to camp 4. The charger on the satellite phone isn't working so they will be calling less frequently to try to save the battery for the remainder of the trip. He said they're having some crappy weather right now and anticipate it to last for the next 3-4 days (including some 60mph winds and such). So, they're hanging out in the tent waiting for it to go away. The next move is to carry their stuff up 2500 ft to the next camp (5 I assume) at 14,200ft. In the mean time they're hoping for better weather in the not too distant future. Perhaps watching movies on Curtis' new tiny iPod nano :)

That is all for now.

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  1. The cable I brought to charge the Nano turned out to not work with my Nano, which I didn't discover until I had killed the battery during a 4-hour movie-watching marathon during the storm. Bummer. I lugged it around the rest of the trip, although it didn't serve any purpose.