Update 4

Today I was actually near the phone when Curtis called which was cool, but it also means that I can't rewind a message to get all the juicy details of their excursion. So I'll try my best by memory :) Umm, lets see. I think they're at camp 3 now. They believe the pilot forgot to unload their ice saws which sucks. So no igloo building. And he said they won't be able to camp at the top since they have to use the saws to build walls to block the wind. I think there is a possibilty that they might get some other group behind them to perhaps lug them up... or maybe borrow some other group's saws later on.
Umm.. he mention something about making a perfume call Essence of Brett. So I'm assuming they're getting ripe.
I asked Curtis if they other guys were jealous that he had a phone to chat with people while in the middle of BFE, he says that he lets them use it in trade of snickers bars. hehheh.
The end.

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  1. Thanks for the update Amiee. Tell Curtis that the GPS coordinates to Google Maps is cool ... but there's no "street views"!