Update 2

Today they moved the rest of the way to camp 1. Stopped early last night and carried of a bunch of crap up to camp 2 and buried it there. So tomorrow the plan is to move the rest of their crap to camp two and they will officially be at camp 2. Everybody is doing well. Cory said that it's freaking hot. "We're baking out here on a glacier. It's ridiculous." The end.
Oh yeah, if anyone is reading this be sure to leave comments and I will relay them to the boys next time the call. :)

Oh yes, I had to cancel Allie's appt cause they wanted to charge be $40 extra since she's in heat. Made another appt for 2 weeks from now.


  1. Did you find another cat to help Allie out during the next two weeks?

  2. I rescheduled. Dropped her off this morning actually!